Roof Repair

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Sometimes you don’t need a completely new roof, you just need a quick repair. Whether your roof has a leak or blown off shingles, we are here for you! We can also help with finding and repairing leaks, wood rot replacement, releading chimneys and replacing vents, flashing and more!

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacing

Some obvious signs your roof need repair are:

Leaks after a snowstorm or a rainstorm. If water is getting into your home due to weather this means you have a leak (or multiple leaks). Rainfall and ice dams are prime times to notice this issue are are advised to be repaired as soon as possible.

Missing Shingles or bend, cracked or missing metal panels. If your roof is missing shingles or panel, or if either of these are cracked or bent, your roof need attention. These scenarios invite numerous problems including leaks, ventilation issue, wood rot and more.

Aside from these more obvious indications of roof repair, there are other signs that your roof is in need or repair or replacing. These include:

Curled or cracked shingles. This indicated that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and is in need of replacing some shingles and cap, or a complete new roof.

Discolored or stained paint/drywall. This can be due to your roofs underlayment letting moisture get inside. Fixing this problem would require replacing your roof.

Shingle grit in your gutters. If you notice a lot of shingle grit (looks like black sand) in your gutters this is a sign that your shingles are wearing down.

Roof sagging. If your roof is beginning to sag this is an indicator that your roof is in need of new plywood. Typically you will need a complete new roof but sometimes this problem can be fixed with a repair.

Wear and cracking around chimneys, pipes, vents or skylights. Often times these are the areas that begin to wear out first. These create ‘hot spots’ for leaking.

Poor ventilation. If your attic is collecting moisture or you notice peeling or bubbling paint, this can be a sign of poor roof ventilation. You may be in need of a new venting system or a new roof.

Wet, moldy, dark or dirty shingles. Shingles that have excess mold may simply need to be cleaned. However, if you notice that your shingles are holding in moisture, this means that it is time to replace them.

* Call (802) 373-8230 for roof repairs *